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  • Henry’s Pirouette Juggling Club

  • Henry’s Pirouette Juggling Club

This is one of the most popular and celebrated juggling clubs, used heavily by high level professionals worldwide. It is the standard club in many European circus schools.
General Specs
This 20.5” long club weighs 7.75 ounces. All colors options come with a silver wrapped handle and black accents (the tip, the handle end, and the tape connecting handle and body), except for the white clubs which are entirely white.

Like Henry’s Delphin clubs, these have an ash wood core for a stiff, controlled handle feel. The wrapped handle provides a cushioned catch.

Pirouettes have soft, durable rubber pads at the tip of the handle and the end of the body. These pads are durable enough for constant drops and are soft on impact.

  • 20.5" long
  • 7.75oz
  • Wrapped handle
  • Stiff ash wood core

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