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  • Oxbow / Puppyhammer

  • Oxbow / Puppyhammer

The Oxbow is an adaptation of the classic Meteor Hammer that allows you to seamlessly switch between Poi, Contact Staff/Meteor, and Rope Dart movement styles. We would like to give an innovation shout out to Charlie Cushing as the original creator of this unique prop.
Most people prefer the 4" Nova Heads for Oxbows, as their narrow width reduces risk of hitting yourself while still maintaining a long burn time (5.30 minutes*) and comfortable weight. However, people looking for a more economical or a more durable solution against ground impacts, we also offer 3.25" Monkey Fists (8 minute burn time*) If you already have heads you wish to use, you can request an Oxbow without any heads attached. 90mm stage ball heads allow you to later put fire heads on your hammer, but in the meantime practice with similar weighted heads but not beat up your fire equipment.
* Burn times are estimated based on recorded burns using pure "white gas" / Coleman's Liquid Camp Fuel. Actual burn times may vary based on individual spinning style, length of fuel soak, and other factors.

The Oxbow tether is made from 3/16" Technora, the new standard for Poi Leashes. Able to withstand temperatures up to 932°F, it provides the necessary heat resistance and durability for Oxbow use, with a texture well-suited for contact Oxbow work.

Oxbow Nodes are the four small bulbs along the length of the rope. One goes into each hand, and the remaining two press right below the collarbones to ensure perfect positioning while spinning. We use nodes with a simple screw-locking system to secure the nodes in place and allow you to easily relocate them as needed.
Nodes should be attached manually using a screwdriver only. Do not use an electric drill, as it may strip out the node.

Between the end of the Technora and the head we place a swivel and a quick link. This ensures smooth Oxbow movement and keeps the heads' flames far enough from the Technora to ensure its long lifespan.

It is crucial that an Oxbow be sized correctly. If you are uncertain how long your Oxbow should be, learn more about how to find the length by clicking here. If you know what overall size you would like (including heads), put that in the "Add Notes" field below.

If you need additional assistance determining your total length, please email us at
  • Nova or Monkey Fist Heads
  • 3/16" Technora body
  • Dark Monk Nodes
  • Minimal hardware (quick link, swivel)

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