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  • Wicking - Kevlar Sleeving

  • Wicking - Kevlar Sleeving

Aramid / Kevlar sleeving is used to go over tubes to create either internal fuel absorption layers or a protective smooth external layer. This is great for cylinder shaped props (ex. swords) where you don't want to put a lot of exposed hardware on the outside (ie - wrapped flat wicking). External sleeving also has an advantage over rope, because sleeving will not have spots that protrude away from the wick that can absorb heat and/or take abrasion on those specific spots.

Sleeving is designed to fit easily over the size tube that the sleeving is listed as (3/8" sleeving easily fits on a 3/8" tube). Sleeving can expand and contract and fit on larger and smaller tubes also. The larger the size of the sleeve the more expansion and contraction it has. Expect these to easily expand and contract around 1/8" and they "may" fit on larger items if you work it hard enough (email us with specific questions).

We currently have internal sleeving in 3/8in, 1/2in and 5/8in (should have larger soon). We have external sleeving in 1in (this will fit on a 1.25" tube). We have some cheaper / thinner sleeving we are selling at a discount (its ok, but not great). This is some 1" internal sleeving and 1.25" knit (not braided) external sleeving.

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