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  • Fire Meteor Dart

  • Fire Meteor Dart

The Meteor Dart is a modified Rope Dart. Instead of having a single head, the swivel has two short leashes that fork out, each with a head at the end (overall length from the swivel to bottom of default monkey fist head is about 21 inches). This design allows for a combination of standard Rope Dart movement, Mini-Meteor (two-poi) tech, and the unique Meteor Dart move set.

There are two head styles for the Meteor Dart. The first is the traditional 2.75" Monkey Fist, which provides maximum durability and a comfortable weight. The alternative is the 4-Petal White Lotus, which is much heavier and provides massive flames.

Monkey Fist The default Meteor Dart head is the standard 2.75" Monkey Fist. These provide a 4-5 minute burn time* without being too heavy and exhausting to control. In addition, the only exposed metal on these heads is the quick link attachment point, reducing the risk of hot metal burns and of rough metal edges hitting you.

White Lotus Brave individuals with strong shoulders may opt for the White Lotus heads. These heads maximize surface area, creating huge flames that last 3:30-4 minutes.* These heavy heads are for experienced and fearless rope dartists. Due to the high temperatures these heads create, they have a shorter lifespan than the Monkey Fists.

* Burn times are estimated based on recorded burns using pure "white gas" / Coleman's Liquid Camp Fuel. Actual burn times may vary based on individual spinning style, length of fuel soak, and other factors.

Dragon Rope is used for both the main Meteor Dart leash and the majority of the leash between the swivel and the heads. This rope is made from a smooth and durable fiber used extensively by NASA. It has a tensile strength of 5,500 lbs, can withstand sustained temperatures of up to 625°F, and is extremely abrasion resistant, ensuring a long lifespan.

Most severe equipment burns come from searing-hot exposed metal, not from the wicks. Because of the Dragon Rope's heat resistance, you need minimal chain separating the head's flames from the leash, even with the White Lotus heads. With about 3 inches of hardware (quick link and chain), your shots are straighter and more accurate, and you minimize the risk of touching or kicking hot chain.

  • Durable head designs
  • Clean, accurate shots
  • Monkey Fist burn time: 4-5 min
  • White Lotus burn time: 3:30-4 min
  • Minimal hardware to reduce burn risk
  • Smooth-textured, heat and abrasion resistant Dragon Rope

Lotus Heads Because of the MASSIVE amount of fire they produce, Lotus heads have a shorter lifespan than other heads. Kerosene and Lamp Oil/ Paraffin have longer burn times, therefore the wick will absorb more heat and degrade faster than with other types of fuel. We do NOT recommend using these fuel types with Lotus heads.

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