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  • Ultra Stiff Carbon Fiber Tube

  • Ultra Stiff Carbon Fiber Tube

All Carbon Fiber tubing is not the same. Not even close. These ultra stiff carbon fiber tubes are engineered by Dark Monk to minimize linear flex while maintaining the lightest possible overall weight. Our design includes designating the length of fiber, resin specifications, fiber direction per layer (up to 15 layers) and fiber source. We test every tube with our custom-designed straightness testing station. Using a high precision dial indicator and a fully automated rotary jig, we guarantee these tubes are perfectly straight.

Tube specs
- 22.8mm (~7/8 in) OD x 1.9mm wall x 1550mm overall
- 19mm (~3/4 in) OD x 2mm wall x 1650mm overall
- 19mm (~3/4 in) OD x 2mm wall x 1450mm overall
- 16mm (~5/8 in) OD x 2mm wall x 1400mm overall
- 16mm (~5/8 in) OD x 2mm wall x 1000mm overall
- 10mm (~3/8 in) OD x 2mm wall x 610mm overall

Custom cut Aluminum sleeving can be added to your order, which gives you internal and external sleeves to help protect the tubing from both direct heat damage and provides a very strong attachment method with two layers of AL to sandwich the CF between. You will have to cut the CF tube to size and then attach the sleeves (some sanding may be required). We recommend steel mandrel rivets to attach the sleeving to the CF. The sleeves are meant to overlap the CF tube some (~3 in) and extend beyond the end of the CF tube. Click the "Learn More" to see sleeving sizes.
3/8" Tube:
- Outer Sleeving: 4.5" of 1/2" 7075
- Wood Dowel: 1 3/4" of 3/8" dowel
1/2" Tube:
- Outer Sleeving: 6" of 5/8" thin wall
5/8" Tube:
- Outer Sleeving: 6" of 3/4" thin wall
- Inner Sleeving: 3" of 1/2" 6061
- Wood Dowel: 3" of 5/16" dowel
3/4" Tube:
- Outer Sleeving: 8" of 7/8" 7075
- Inner Sleeving: 4" 6061 11mm
- Wood Dowel: 4" of 3/8" dowel
7/8" Tube:
- Outer Sleeving: 8" of 1" 6061
- Inner Sleeving: 4" of 3/4" thin wall
- Wood Dowel: 4" of 5/8" dowel

*After cutting the tube to length, sand both ends of the carbon fiber such that the aluminum sleeving will fit onto the CF snugly but not get stuck.*


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