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  • Full Fire Leviwand

  • Full Fire Leviwand

This fully wicked fire Leviwand burns along its entire length, making it a show-stealing performance wand.

This comes with a flexible stainless steel cable in a short-string setup that includes a swivel and a Shadow Cord fingerloop. This results in the swivel starting 1/2” above the top wick. If you would like a longer configuration, please let us know the specific length you would like in the Add Customization Notes field below.
Size and Weight
This 28" wand is suited mainly for short string wand spinners. The current version just comes in steel (10oz unfueled), making them slightly heavier than the regular heavy Leviwands. This heavy version is made out of a high strength steel, twice as strong as the common alloys. We no longer make the light version (6oz unfueled) as it was a pain to balance initially and to keep balanced over time. If you would like one, please add that to the "add notes" line below and we will build you one.

This wand has three layers of wicking along its body, with 1.5” wicks on both top and bottom. This ensures that the wand maintains stability and proper balance throughout the approximately 2:45 minute burn.*

Flame Size
This wand creates very large flames, and with it completely on fire it can be very dangerous to restabilize if it gets knocked out of control. We highly recommend wearing protective gloves and sleeves of fire-resistant materials (such as leather, Nomex, or Kevlar) when using equipment like this.

This wand comes strung with an extremely flexible stainless steel cable, ensuring that the wand’s flames won’t burn through the leash while still providing plenty of responsiveness and movement when spinning.
Additional kits for restringing full fire leviwands are available on request for $10 each. The restringing is a bit more complicated than with a regular leviwand, and will require additional tools/ a crimper.

The default configuration places the swivel 1/2” above the top wick. If you would like a longer leash configuration, please let us know the specific length you would like in the Add Customization Notes field below.

There are four different handle options for Leviwands:

1) A loop made out of Shadow Cord. You can feed the loop between two fingers and then fold the loop down around the two fingers to tighten it in place, or wrap it around your arm or wrist.

2) A leather fingerloop. This cinches around a finger, and people generally find it more comfortable than a Shadow Cord loop.

3) A PomGrip. This is a small silicone knob that fits comfortably in the hand. Some creative wand spinners have begun playing around with Leviwand tosses (much like one would do poi tosses with ball handles), and PomGrips allow for that.

4) UltraKnobs made by UltraPoi, are rechargeable RGB LED silicone handles. This knob can be set to any of the colors of the rainbow, as well as strobe patterns that create intricate light trails while you spin.

* Burn times are estimated based on recorded burns using pure "white gas" / Coleman's Liquid Camp Fuel. Actual burn times may vary based on individual spinning style, length of fuel soak, and other factors.

Learn how to fuel your full fire leviwand from Lady Aetheria - Learn Here.

  • 3 layers of wicking along the body
  • 1.5” wicks on top and bottom
  • 2:45 minute “white gas” burn time
  • Flexible stainless steel cable leash
  • 28” long high strength steel body

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