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  • Pixie Dragon Staff

  • Pixie Dragon Staff

This 3 spoke, 45 inch dragon staff is designed for quick, intricate maneuvers otherwise impossible with a full-length Dragon Staff. This size has also opened up new avenues for double dragon staff spinning (so cool). All dragons have 4 different removeable spoke options (3 LED, 1 fire - Wick Option Video ).
The 45” long body is made from 5/8" thin walled 7075-T6 aluminum (16.8oz gripped) or carbon fiber (15.4 oz gripped.) 7075-T6 which is twice the strength of standard 6061-T6 aluminum (and only 15% weaker than titanium). This thin staff diameter makes the staff light, nimble, and easily controllable.

The distinctive features of a dragon staff are the spoke wicks, which cause the staff to roll and reverse rolling direction much slower than standard staves. Good spoke construction ensures impact durability and smooth movement.

The 5” spokes are primarily made of rigid 5/32" steel cable and weigh 2oz each. This stiff cable provides a small amount of shock absorption that prevents hard drops from damaging the spines or their connection points to the Pixie Dragon Staff. Each cable has a threaded rod on one end, enabling easy screwing and unscrewing from the dragon staff body. 1.5" wicks are firmly attached to the ends each cable, providing a 3:30 minute burn.*

* Burn times are estimated based on recorded burns using pure "white gas" / Coleman's Liquid Camp Fuel. Actual burn times may vary based on individual spinning style, length of fuel soak, and other factors.

Watch Brad explain each of the Dragon Wick Options HERE

Exposed Metal
Most severe equipment burns come from searing-hot exposed metal, not from the wicks. The wicks on the staff and the spokes are attached with recessed screws(less exposed metal and allows for replacing the wicks later), and the staff ends are covered with two wick layers, creating a long-lasting cover for a potentially sharp and hot metal edge.

We provide four grip options for dragons, but tend to recommend either Om grip for extra squish or Nimbus grip for more grip in wet / dusty conditions.

Om Grip is a yoga mat based grip with adhesive-backing. It has more give then the other options and is slightly less grippy than Nimbus or EPDM. This is especially good for dragon staff work, where you don't want the hair on your arms pulled out and the extra cushion will allow for longer practice times. It also comes in colors and does not leave any residue on your arms after use (like EPDM does). It is not as grippy as EPDM or Nimbus grip, so for those artist looking for the most tacky staff grip, Nimbus grip is probably a better option.

Nimbus Grip is a silicone foam based grip and is the latest in staff grip technology. It combines the best features of EPDM foam (great in moist or dusty conditions and slightly squishy for enhanced griping) with the additional benefits of being silicone based (much higher durability, two color options, natural heat resistance). The white option will get dirty over time and you will never get it perfectly white again. However, if you toss your staff in the air at night, you will be able to see it vs a black grip. Compared to EPDM, this grip will not rub off on you and is close but not quite as good in wet conditions. Classic grip is thinner but losses its grippiness much faster. Om grip is thicker and not as grippy.

NOTE - we still have a few of the four spoke older versions. If you want one, put that in the "Add Note" filed below.

  • 45" overall length
  • 1.5" wide wicks (3:30 burn*)
  • Removable spoke wicks
  • 5/8” OD 7075-T6 aluminum


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