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  • Fire Safety Blanket

  • Fire Safety Blanket

This 36in x 38in 12oz Duvyteen fire safety blanket is the best balance of safety and cost. The yellow serged edge both prevents the material from unraveling as well as helps you find it in low light (it also looks snazzy).

We tested a wide variety of materials, thicknesses and treatments, including washed Duvyteen blankets and lightly water dampened materials. Through these test we found for the price, you really can't beat 12oz Duvyteen. See our test results -> See The Test Video Here <-

Duvyteen is a thick, tightly woven 100% cotton material that has a super high temp resistance chemical added to it. That chemical will wash out even with just water. So try not to let your Duvyteen get wet. If you ever think your saftey towel's chemical treatment is gone, don't panic, just lightly dampen the material with water (ring it out as much as you can by hand - that is perfect). In our tests, a lightly dampened Duvyteen, with no chemical treatment left, performed almost as well as the fully chemically treated material.

Not all blankets are the same size or cut exactly to size. The Monks cut and serged all of them by hand and our cut/serge game is not as strong as some.

We are currently out of stock of Red Safety Blankets. We will add them back to the website if we are able to make more.

each x $15.00 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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