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  • Palm Torches

  • Palm Torches

The important factors to consider when selecting palm torches are comfort, wick size and construction, how they attach to hands, and aesthetics.
The bottom of these palm torches are covered with a thick heat-resistant black foam pad. This shield prevents flame heat from reaching your hands. This foam pad is soft and presses comfortably against your palms and fingers.

These ~1.75” long wicks are hand-sewn. With no exposed metal, they can be used for fire eating and fleshing. The wicks produce mild-sized flames that are small enough to do intricate close-to-body work, while large enough to illuminate the performer even at arms length.

Grip Options
You can either chose an adjustable elastic Velcro® strap or a solid handle for grip options. Both are one-size-fits-all. The strap allows the artist to not worry about the palm torches slipping or having to continuously hold them, while the handle gives the advantage of quickly moving to different hand positions or taking them on/off.

The wicks are attached to stainless steel cable, mounted to a stainless steel base. The reflective surface under the wicks amplifies the torch light, illuminating the user. All of the palm torches' surfaces wipe clean of soot, allowing them to retain their original reflective surface.

  • Velcro strap or handle grip option
  • Soft heat-resistant foam base
  • Wicks safe for fire eating and fleshing
  • 4.5 inch stainless steel base

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