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Selecting Juggling Clubs

The Basics

There is no bad choice when selecting between PX3 Sirius, Henry's Delphin Long, and Henry's Pirouette juggling clubs. Each is used by beginners through world class jugglers, with each style having particular merits. The best way to choose between club types is to test each and determine what feels best. However, if you are unable to do that, this article will break down the main distinguishing features of each club.

Best Value Clubs At $25 each, PX3s and the Delphin Longs are great low-cost options with fairly subtle differences. The PX3's slightly flexible PVC handle core feels softer on catches but adds a very slight bounce, and its thin wrapped outer handle makes it easy to hold multiple clubs. The Delphins have a stiffer ash wood handle core with a slightly wider handle surface, which creates a very solid-feeling club. While these two clubs are both 20.5" long, the handle section of the Delphin is 1" shorter and the Delphin is 10grams lighter (220 grams versus 210 grams). The Delphin also has a perfectly flat top, making it easier to balance than the rounded PX3 tops. While PX3s are more popular than Delphins, both are excellent options for all skill levels.

Premium Club For those looking for a top-tier juggling club, Henry's Pirouettes ($40) are a world-renown choice. The ash wood handle core and wrapped exterior handle surface create an excellent balance of stiffness and comfort on catches. They are the same length as both PX3s and Delphins, with the same handle length as the PX3s. Pirouettes are considered amongst the most durable juggling clubs, and are the preferred clubs of many premier European juggling schools. While the price may be high for someone's first set of clubs, people often upgrade to Pirouettes.


- PX3: $25
- Delphin: $25
- Pirouette: $40
- PX3: flexible PVC core; wrapped handle
- Delphin: stiff ash wood core, single piece molded handle
- Pirouette: stiff ash wood core, wrapped handle
- PX3: 220 grams (7.75oz)
- Delphin: 210 grams (7.4oz)
- Pirouette: 220 grams (7.75oz)
- PX3: 20.5" long (52cm), with 9.5" handle section and rounded top
- Delphin: 20.5" long (52cm), with 8.5" handle section and flat top
- Pirouette: 20.5" long (52cm), with 9.5" handle section and rounded top

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