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Sizing an Oxbow/Puppyhammer

Looking for a guide to size your oxbow/puppyhammer?

For people measuring themselves for the first time, we've found the following video to be very helpful. Charlie explains how to wrap it around the body, and around the 2:20 mark explains how to determine the final length.

When ordering an Oxbow/Puppyhammer from Dark Monk, the important dimension for us to know is your Total Length—the entire length of the Oxbow, including the heads. We send the Nodes detached, and you can fasten them to the right place with screws that we’ll send with your order. First, figure out your Total Length in inches. When you go to make an order, just click "Add Customization Note" to let us know the length you need.

Keep in mind that the Poi section of a Dark Monk Oxbow will be much shorter than the length of poi you are used to. It needs to be this way to prevent the Oxbow from hitting the ground during some full extension moves. Alas, we know from personal experience (and from that of a couple of friends who insisted that they wanted the Poi sections longer) that it just doesn’t work with an Oxbow.

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