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  • Darth Fire Staff

  • Darth Fire Staff

This Darth Fire staff is the fire equivalent to the popular Darth Maul double sided light saber staff. It comes with 20" blades that have 4 kevlar layers and will burn for about 3:30. For smaller flames and a longer burn, we suggest a 50/50 fuel mix.

The standard length options are 6' and 5.5'. The staff is weighted a little more towards the contact staff style spinning with a slightly heavier blade / tip weighting. Is great for traditional staff styles too, but you can also request a lighter version (or any variation) in the "Add Notes" field if you really want to spin it super fast.

Safety Note - be careful while fueling to not to over fuel one blade before fueling the second. Otherwise when fueling the second blade, fuel can drip down on the grip and bad stuff results. We would suggest either spin off the first blade before fueling the second side, or only fuel the first blade to 5 inches from the grip (the rest will soak up fuel as you turn in over and fuel the other blade).


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