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  • PX3 Sirius Juggling Clubs

  • PX3 Sirius Juggling Clubs

The PX3 Sirius juggling club is the most popular Play PX3 club, and one of the most popular clubs in the world. It is great for both beginners and seasoned professionals.
General Specs
This 20.5” long club weighs 8 ounces. All colors come with a white wrapped handle.

Unlike many other clubs, PX3 Sirius clubs have a slightly flexible PVC internal core. This, combined with the wrapped handle design, makes catches feel very cushioned. The thinness of the handle makes it easy to hold multiple clubs in one hand.

Both ends of these clubs have a durable Thermoplastic rubber—a flat end on one side and the classic PX3 knob on the handle end. These are durable enough for constant drops and soft on impact.

  • 20.5" long
  • 8oz
  • Wrapped Handle
  • Slightly flexible PVC core

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