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  • Ultra LED Dragon Spoke

  • Ultra LED Dragon Spoke

This LED Dragon Spoke comes with either a low cost single color/ single use LED or the really nice usb rechargeable, multi-function UltraPoi Ultraknob Pro. These spokes can be used with any Dark Monk dragon staff.

The UltraKnob Pro is a multi-function, USB rechargeable, really nice LED solution made by UltraPoi (great company).

The single use LED option, is a low cost but good LED solution for the cost conscious artist. It is simple to swap in UltraKnob Pros later if you upgrade. These LEDs last about 4-8 hours, and come with are either white or a color changing pattern (there are more colors you can get though). There are no options to set patterns or change colors with these LEDs (its why they are so cheap). Purchase replacement LEDs here.

each x $14.00 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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