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  • Om Grip

  • Om Grip

This all natural ruber yoga mat based grip is the great for Dragon Staff or Contact staff in wet or dusty conditions. It has nice small amount of cushion but is not as grippy as EPDM so you won't have arm hair being pulled out while doing dragon work. We add a peel away adhesive backing to allow this grip to be easily applied and eventually removed with killing yourself to remove things like gorilla glue.

It is 1/8 in thick, which is about 75% thicker than EPDM. Each strip is approximately 1.5 inches wide, 68 inches long, and covers about 36 inches of a 3/4 inch staff.

Innovation Nod - while we independently tested a bunch of different yoga mats and found we liked this one best, we later compared this to what Wizard's of Flow use, and they appear to be the same (not confirmed though). We did try to contact them a few times to talk about how we were majorly upgrading this solution by adding an adhesive backing and what we could do together, but we never heard back. So while we can't confirm it is the same, or if they were the first to use this brand, we do feel they were probably the first we know of to use it.

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