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  • LED Dragon Staff Wicks

  • LED Dragon Staff Wicks

These LED Dragon wick holders are designed to screw in to any Dark Monk dragon staff, and hold a FlowToys v2 Capsule light (which you can also purchase as an add on item in the options below). The wicks are 9 inches long and just shy of 4 oz with a capsule in them.

Beta Tester Feedback - "They are amazing. There is no shaking of my capsules and if I do drop my pixie dragon staff with them they absorb the shock well. I love them can't wait to get the rest of my set and spin for a long to time! Please let the public have these they work perfectly and I think they are a great length too."

If you are buying more than 16, send us an email for bulk pricing.

each x $14.00 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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