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  • LED Dragon Staff Wicks

  • LED Dragon Staff Wicks

The Beta Release Sale is over. We are waiting for feedback from the first 15 artist to confirm we haven't missed anything before we release these to the general public (probably end of August).

The capsules that can be purchased with these are FlowToys v2 and come with their full warranty. They are sold at full price ($48).

These wicks can screw in to any Dark Monk dragon staff. They are made to hold FlowToys Capsules and can be ordered with or without them. They are 9 inches in length and just shy of 4 oz with a capsule in them. They are normally $14 for the case but will be $7 during the beta release. If you are buying a lot of these (+16). Send us an email to get a bulk discount.

each x $7.00 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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