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  • Staff Grip

  • Staff Grip

We provide two grip options:

Classic Grip is a traditional adhesive-backed rubber grip. It is tear-resistant, and has a very slight ridge. To maintain its grippy surface, you should periodically clean this grip with soap, water, and the rough side of a sponge.

EPDM Grip is an adhesive-backed alternative to standard grip. It is slightly softer and produces a perfectly smooth grip surface (2mm thick), but is more susceptible to surface damage. However, minor surface damage actually makes it textured, resulting in this surface becoming progressively grippier over time. It also lasts longer than Standard Grip in high-humid environments. It can also leave a light black residue on hands and clothes, though it washes off easily.

How much do I need?

Classic Grip comes in individually-wrapped pieces. Two grips are required for a Contact Staff or a pair of Double Staves. Dragon and Helio Staves require three grips. Contact swords use one grip.

EPDM Grip comes in three pre-cut lengths: 40" lengths (for a Contact Sword or a single Double Staff), 80" lengths (for a Contact Staff or a pair of Double Staves), and 120" lengths (for Dragon and Helio Staves). You can also purchase lengths by the foot.


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