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  • Fire Long Sword

  • Fire Long Sword

Our 42" long sword comes in two counter-weighted configurations for either a flow/dance or tech/combat movement style.

The kevlar section is 25 inches, followed by a 5" gap between kevlar and guard, 11 inches of gripped area then the brass ball. The guard is a thick steel plate attached via an ABS bracket to the handle. The blade has a full tang inside the handle and can take well beyond stage combat strikes.

The lighter ball is for more of a combat style, with an overall sword weight of 32oz. The heavier ball is for a dance style, with an overall sword weight of 43 oz. They effect how well you can balance the sword for slow / spin type movements (heavy ball) vs stop the blade from coming down or other wrist intensive moves needed for combat (light ball). The large ball balance point is about 1 inch in front of the guard. The small ball is 5 inches in front of the guard. Of course, all this will change when you add fuel to it.

  • Built for stage combat
  • Three layers of blade wicking
  • Hand guard
  • Textured grip

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