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  • Fire Saber - Speed Sword

  • Fire Saber - Speed Sword

This sword is designed for fast styles, but can be used for stage level combat. The total length is 36 inches and the dry, un-fueled weight is ~14oz. This sword uses three layers of kevlar sleeving, which gives about a 3 minute burn time with white gas.

Since this sword does not have a guard, we strongly recommend you ware protective gloves when using the sword.

The latest version has a Pom grip attached at the base, so you can easily find the end of the grip after tosses. That Pom is NOT meant as a pivot point to swing the sword with or a place to apply any weight / pressure too. It is there for aesthetic reasons and to help with hand placement only. Photo will hopefully be updated soon.

each x $85.00 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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