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  • White Lotus - Fire Poi

  • White Lotus - Fire Poi

White Lotus fire poi heads are the largest and heaviest heads we create. The unique petal design results in a huge surface area, creating massive flames with a fairly average burn time, making them great for performance finales.

Innovation Nod
To our knowledge Tedward from BearClaw Mfg was the first crafter to have used this knot as a poi head design. Tedward was one of the first innovators in the fire equipment design world, and deserves a lot of credit for the many things he did to push our art forward. Thanks brother.

Head Size
White Lotus heads are designated by layers of petals, with each petal layer being 1/2” thick. Example: 5 Petal White Lotus heads have five layers of petals and are 2.5” tall.

4 Petal White Lotus heads are far bigger and heavier (6.8 - 7.2oz) than any of our other standard poi heads, and burn for around 3:30 minutes.* Their flames are about the size of a large toaster, and they will cook your arms accordingly.

5 Petal White Lotus heads (8.2 - 8.8oz) are an absurd increase in size from the 4 Petal heads. There is no sensible reason that they should exist. But, they do. Wear gloves, and make sure your last will and testament are in order.

6 Petal White Lotus heads are…well, quite frankly, they are insane (10.9 - 11oz). Imagine being inside of a dragon’s mouth in the pits of hell during a napalm storm. Please be careful. 6 Petal Poi example here

* Burn times are estimated based on recorded burns using pure "white gas" / Coleman's Liquid Camp Fuel. Actual burn times may vary based on individual spinning style, length of fuel soak, and other factors.

Leash Types
There are two main choices for leashes: Technora and twist link chain.

Technora is our best feeling, preferred option. With great abrasion and temperature resistance properties (up to 932°F), Technora leashes allow fire poi to feel as comfortable and controlled as practice poi. However, this rope is temperature resistant, not fire proof. If you allow the leashes to rest in flames for an extended period of time (for example: setting burning poi on the ground with the leashes on top of the heads, or a severe mid-burn tangle that takes more than a few seconds to unknot), the leashes may take damage. Technora is recommended for intermediate and advanced poi spinners.

Twist link chain is the slightly heavier and stronger chain option. It feels smoother than ball chain, though not as smooth as Technora. This chain catches on itself slightly when it tangles, making moves like Hyperloops easier than with ball chain. Our stainless steel chain surpasses the load requirements and corrosion resistance needed for typical fire use, and is stronger than cheaper nickel-plated alternatives.

We use and recommend zinc-plated steel quick links, as they stay closed better than the stainless steel alternatives. You do not want quick links opening in the middle of a burn.

There are four choices for handles: PomGrips, UltraKnobs, Double Fingerloops and Single Loop.

Lanternsmith PomGrips are made from a grippy, high-temp rubber. They are weighted and shaped for tosses, and have holes through the middle to connect to leashes or swivels.

UltraKnobs made by UltraPoi, are rechargeable RGB LED silicone handles. This knob can be set to any of the colors of the rainbow, as well as strobe patterns that create intricate light trails while you spin.

Double Fingerloop Handles loop around the index and middle fingers. These cotton loops provide a solid, constant connection between you and your poi leashes.

Single Loop Handles have a single large cotton loop that partially inverts to tighten on two fingers more snuggly than double fingerloop handles can. *NOTE When measuring overall length, single loop handles are considered 2" shorter when we build leashes to account for the reduced length that happens when you invert them to put them on.

  • Biggest poi heads with largest flames
  • Stainless chain
  • Minimal exposed metal on heads
  • Multiple handle styles
Overall Length is the entire length of the poi setup, including heads, hardware, leashes, and handles.

Pair x $103.00 =

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