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  • Poi Handles

  • Poi Handles

The important factors to consider when selecting poi handles are preferred handle materials, intended grip style, and the poi moves you intend to do.
There are three main choices for handles: double fingerloop, single fingerloop, and ball handles intended for tosses and other grip variations.

Double Fingerloop Handles have loops typically used on the index and middle fingers. These cotton loops provide a solid, constant connection between you and your poi chains.

Single Loop Handles have a single large cotton loop that partially inverts to tighten on two fingers more snuggly than double fingerloop handles can.

Lanternsmith PomGrips have a grippy surface and an inner cavity (14mm) for adding extra washers for weight.

PomGrips come in a variety of colors (including Glow in the Dark colors), and work with ball chain, twist link, and Technora leashes. They can come with embedded swivels, swivels on short Technora leashes, or without swivels entirely.

  • Cotton loop handles for secure connection
  • PomGrips for tosses and alternative grip styles

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