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  • Technora

Technora is the most popular leash material for poi spinners. This fiber has a temperature resistance slightly higher than Kevlar (decomposing around 932°F), a high tensile strength (2,500 at 1/8" diameter; 5,000 at 3/16" diameter, and 7,300 at 1/4" diameter), and high abrasion and fatigue resistance, making it a very durable poi leash material.

From our preliminary research, we RECOMMEND that you separate Technora from your fire heads by a minimum of three inches (of chain, quicklinks, swivels, etc). Technora is fire resistant, not fire proof, and will begin decomposing at temperatures above 932°F. We are currently conducting tests to determine what the Dark Monk recommendation for this setup will be.

Note: For Rope Dart we recommend Dragon Rope as it has both a smoother texture and higher abrasion resistance than Technora.

We recommend using splicing fids to connect this rope to your hardware rather than tying knots.

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