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  • Partner Fire Fleshing Torch

  • Partner Fire Fleshing Torch

These professional partner fire fleshing torches are specifically designed for kink fire play. They are made with kevlar wicking, which last in excess of 100 uses. With a cushioned grip and overall length optimized for easy manipulation, these just feel right. NO stitches or attachment hardware is showing, for both safety and to improve the life span of the wick itself.

These come in the regular 2" size as well as a more advanced/larger flame 3" configuration.

These torches were designed with the help of fire arts teachers Shay and Stefanos Tiziano (they are just awesome humans). If you are looking to learn these arts, you can find out where they will be teaching and performing HERE

* These torches should only be used with Isopropyl Alcohol (not white gas). They should NOT be used for eating. Always have proper safety equipment and training when doing any fire based art. Consent is both SEXY and 110% required.

Each x $25.00 =

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