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  • Eating and Fleshing Torch

  • Eating and Fleshing Torch

The important factors to consider when selecting an eating and fleshing torch are wick stitching, wick attachment method (safety), size, grip comfort, ease of wick replacement and aesthetics.
These torches have hand-sewn 1.5” wicks. To ensure that they absorb as much fuel as possible, they are intentionally sewn to be spongy. A tightly-wound wick will not absorb as much fuel, making it harder to do fuel transfers and vapor tricks. We also sew in a way that hides the Kevlar thread, ensuring that it doesn’t burn out or become otherwise damaged, which would make your wicks fall apart prematurely.

These torches have a foam rubber grip that ensures control and fits comfortably in the palm and between the fingers, allowing for a wide range of movements.

A beautiful torch adds to the character of any performance. As an alternative to the clean aesthetic of our standard torch, we offer a variety of custom grip ends to make your wands distinctly yours.

  • ~16.25 inches overall
  • Absorbent 1.5” hand-sewn wicks
  • Foam rubber grip
  • Optional customized grip end
  • Sold individually

This item is sold individually, not by the pair.

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