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  • Leviwand Handles

  • Leviwand Handles

Select from a range of Leviwand handle options that complement different spinning styles.
There are two main choices for handles: Leather Fingerloops for a fixed connection to the hand, or PomGrips or Delphins to allow tosses. All are attached to swivels.

Leather Fingerloop Handles cinch down on the finger for a snug, comfortable fit. They are laser cut for perfect precision, with the Dark Monk logo engraved on them.

Lanternsmith PomGrips are small silicone toss handles. They are available in a range of colors, including Glow in the Dark colors.

Delphins are the lightest handle solution, and have a light texture but are not rubbery. They are great for people who are looking for the lightest possible handle, and who don't want their handle to feel grippy (as it can compromise some toss moves). They are available in off-white.

  • Leather Fingerloops for secure connection
  • PomGrips for tosses and alternative grip styles
  • All options come with attached swivels

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