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  • Dragon and Helio Wick

  • Dragon and Helio Wick

The important factors to consider when examining dragon staff wicks are their length, durability, removability, and minimized exposed metal.
Body and Wicks

The 6.5” spokes are primarily made of 1/4” steel cable. This extremely stiff cable provides a small amount of shock absorption that prevents hard drops from damaging the spines or their connection points to the dragon staff body. Each cable has a threaded rod on one end, enabling easy screwing and unscrewing from the dragon staff body. 2" wicks are firmly attached to the other side of each cable.

Exposed Metal
Most severe equipment burns come from searing-hot exposed metal, not from the wicks. The wicks on the staff and the spokes are attached with recessed rivets (less exposed metal than screws and no need for retightening), and the staff ends are covered with two wick layers, creating a long-lasting cover for a potentially sharp and hot metal edge.
  • Removable spoke wicks
  • 2" wicks (4:00 minute "white gas" burn)
  • Steel cable for shock absorbtion
  • Riveted construction

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