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  • Nimbus Grip

  • Nimbus Grip

Nimbus grip is the latest in Staff Grip technology. It combines the great gripping power, low weight, and excellent moisture/dust resistance of EPDM, with the durability, heat resistance and color possibilities of Silicone.

Nimbus Grip is a silicone foam based grip and is the latest in staff grip technology. It combines the best features of EPDM foam (great in moist or dusty conditions, low weight and slightly squishy for enhanced griping) with the additional benefits of being silicone based (much higher durability, two color options, natural heat resistance).

Compared to EPDM, this grip will not rub off on you and is close but not quite as good in wet conditions. Classic grip is thinner but loses its grippiness much faster. Om grip is thicker and not as grippy.

The white option will get dirty over time and you will never get it perfectly white again. However, if you toss your staff in the air at night, you will be able to see it vs a black grip. The staff pictured has been burned, practiced with and dropped on the grass for about 2 months. It hasn't been cleaned either (Chad's staff).

Nimbus Grip comes in three pre-cut lengths: 40" lengths (for a Contact Sword or a single Double Staff), 90" lengths (for a Contact Staff or a pair of Double Staves), and 120" lengths (for Dragon and Helio Staves). You can also purchase lengths by the foot.

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