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The Sky Awards

The Sky Awards recognize and celebrate individuals that are helping others through promoting and sharing the spinning arts. This could be through leading local spin jams, teaching anyone that asks, helping run spinning arts events, or any other way that supports others spinning. Help us thank these people making a difference in your spinning arts path by telling their story.

Submission deadline: Dec. 25

How to submit
Submissions must be in video format. There are three ways to submit your video to Dark Monk.
1. Upload your video to YouTube and email the link to
2. Upload your video to Google drive (or any cloud drive) and send us a link to download it.
3. Upload your video to our shared Google drive folder here. Send an email to when this is done.
After reviewing the video for content, we will upload it to the official Sky Awards YouTube Channel.

Submission Content
Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes and include the following information:
1. Your name
2. The name of the person you are nominating
3. The story of how this person made a difference in your (and others) spinning arts path

Selection Process
The Sky Awards are not a popularity contest. A small group of judges will review the submissions and select the top five candidates based on the story contained within the submitted video. The selected individuals do receive some free Dark Monk gear, and everyone nominated gets the more important gift of knowing what a difference they have made.

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